Projekt EACP-EUROSME, DAC Campania Aerospace District

W ramach prowadzonego projektu EACP-EUROSME, DAC Campania Aerospace District wspiera przygotowanie szeregu projektów MŚP, z których jednym jest AVAMAN "Advanced Maintenance". Jest to projekt cieszący się dużym zainteresowaniem ATITECH, wiodącej włoskiej dużej firmy zajmującej się obsługą techniczną samolotów cywilnych.

Na prośbę DAC rozpowszechniamy tę informację wśród swoich członków, być może ktoś z Państwa jest zainteresowany uczestnictwem.

W przypadku pozytywnych odpowiedzi, DAC potrzebuje prezentacji firmy oraz wskazówek dotyczących aspektów projektu, które mogłyby zostać uwzględnione.

Zaineteresowane podmioty prosimy o bezpśredni kontakt z dr. Gennaro Russo Ph.D. ( g.russo@daccampania.com ), Manager, DAC Campania Aerospace District.

Krótkie wprowadzenie do projektu znajduje się poniżej:

The reference domain of MAJORBIT PROPOSAL is identified in the general field of aeronautical maintenance and, in particular, of the MRO maintenance bases and the purpose of the research can play a fundamental role for the development and improvement of the digital processes involved
The operator (airline) and the manufacturer (OEM) work to optimize the scheduled maintenance plan of the planes by making sure that the stops are as short as possible. It follows that for a maintenance base the main parameter of measurement of its competitiveness is given by the grounding (duration of the aircraft downtime necessary for maintenance) which is necessary for the execution of the maintenance checks on the aircraft, which is sometimes a parameter still more critical than the cost, with the same quality expressed.
Maintenance of the entire aircraft is a labor intensive process, in the sense that manpower hours affect the maintenance event for about 80% of MRO costs. In particular, maintenance operations are based on the diagnostic analysis of structures, systems and equipment that make up the aircraft, starting from the inspections carried out by specialized technicians who mainly carry out visual investigations to ascertain the status and conditions of airworthiness of the plane. Another important aspect is related to the process of resolving the failures and repairing the defects found in which the well-known specialization of the personnel emerges.

The expected result of the MROs, for any initiative, is therefore a precise indication on how to obtain the reduction of manpower hours in relation to the process phases involved, considering that the timing associated with the individual maintenance tasks in turn depends on the same variables that influence the process, such as skills and operator qualification, team sizing, special equipment needed, spare parts supply etc. Of course, also the scheduling of the maintenance activities established by the OEM for the maintenance of the airworthiness of an aircraft, entrusted to the expert management of the MRO planners, is interconnected with the relevance of the maintenance events in a technical loop, which can be strengthened with the interventions foreseen by this research.

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